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Local artists and feature the beautiful artwork of Telluride photographer, Orion Willits.

Come by the wine bar to view a tastefully curated collection of his gallery.

Orion Willits
Adventure Lifestyle and Landscape Photographer

Orion is a 27 year old adventurer who was lucky enough to grow up in the mountains of Southwest Colorado in a small town called Ridgway. Living in this area gave him the resources, mentors and experiences to explore the mountains and the canyons.

At an early age Orion knew he wouldn’t be able to settle having a desk job. As photography became a passion, the realization he would be able to make photography a career and a means to explore was a breath of fresh air.

Orion received a degree in film and photography from Montana State University in 2018.

Currently Orion is living in Telluride, Colorado pursuing a life in the outdoors and constantly evolving his photography and the stories they tell.

Feel free to contact Orion at [email protected] with any questions or inquiries.